How do Vaccines work? The basic science behind vaccines

“Why are toxic chemicals are toxic to the body if ingested but not toxic when used in a vaccine?”
Part 2: How do Vaccines work?
When your body detects a “foreign protein” (aka virus poop), it will create Warriors called Cytokines specifically tailored to fight them. Unfortunately, this takes time. Lots and lots of time. Many viruses hide before then, like Herpes will claw up into your BRAIN NEURONS and hide for years until it senses your immune system is weakened and then it comes out.
Your immune system has to produce tailored T-Cells to attack a specific virus. Once it “learns” how to do so, for reasons not clear to me (or maybe anyone?) it will gradually lose this ability, at various lengths. Some viruses, like Chickenpox, it’ll remember for the rest of your life. Others, like #SARSCoV1 it forgets about after 3-6 months.
Some viruses, particularly HIV and Coronavirus, infect the Immune System’s T-Cells themselves, and these your body never can develop immunity towards, not really. That’s why I’m dubious anyone has immunity to coronavirus after infection, and they might develop AIDS after 5-10 years, too.
It’d be like a criminal syndicate infiltrating the police throughout an entire country. Good luck, buddy.
The way vaccines work is by injecting a bunch of carefully crafted VIRUS POOP into your system. Some vaccines, particularly influenza shots, will COOK THE VIRUSES at 160 Degrees, killing the virus (but coronavirus survives that, somehow!!) and then they drop the poop and dead virus into your muscles.
Your immune system will detect these MANY MILLIONS of dead viruses and virus poop and it will build all the molecular factories needed to create tailored cytokine warriors to go out and defeat the enemy. Because the virus is dead and not replicating, normally you don’t experience anythign except mild cytokine storms (causing a red sore spot) at the area of injection.
Then, when you ARE infected with Influenza, your body goes A HA! I RECOGNIZE YOU! And *quickly* rearms the cytokines already existing in your body -and- quickly rebuilds the T-Cell factories (as it still remembers how) and yoru body kills the virus BEFORE it’s mutated millions of millions of times.
That’s the basic science behind vaccines.

How does a Virus produce toxins in your body and how does your body respond?

When you catch the Flu, the virus particles will replicate billions and billions of times, and you won’t feel sick until they’ve replicated millions of times after a few days. When viruses reproduce, they poop out toxic proteins generally specific to each virus. Think of how cat and dog and human poop smells slightly different? Well, it’s the same thing.

This poop is called “antigens” and are usually just single complex proteins (fancy name of “a bunch of DNA building blocks”) Each cell will produce or eat various proteins, think of them as Lego blocks created by the cell’s DNA instructions. Each protein is “folded” a certain way, naturally (based on chemical and eletromagnetic [very important for a later lesson!] forces).

When a virus hijacks a cell, it will usually kill the cell by mutating many thousands of times in that cell. It’d be like a termite colony decimating a house’s frame, and the cell BURSTS open and releases all millions of these new baby viruses and a whole lot of toxins.

The body’s immune system will *rush* to this site and start attaching to all the poop it can find it. These are called Cytokines, the Warriors of your immune system. When there’s way too much poop and you have a good strong immune system), it’s called a Cytokine Storm, which can lead to the warriors attacking literally every cell in an area, and you end up with a stroke, heart attack or liver failure.


Your body’s immune system CANNOT SEE VIRUSES. What it sees is *FOREIGN DNA* and FOREIGN BACTERIA AND VIRUS POOP (antigen proteins). It will swarm these proteins and kill everything around it.

This works like if you picture the aliens in that movie “A Quiet Place.” If everything near the poop gets destroyed, you typically also destroy the virus along with the cell that it’s in.

Unfortunately, sometimes, esp in older people and unhealthy people, their immune systems aren’t so good, and virally-corrupted cellular DNA remains corrupted and the cell isn’t killed. Certain viruses *and* bacteria can flip off the cell’s suicide gene, and then the cell just will never ever die. It’ll then replicate itself, normally, only with the viruses’ DNA inside its own.

These cells your body can’t really detect if it has a bad immune system or one that’s busy, say, fighting off Tobacco toxins (or even toxins from eating meat), and this leads to cancer. Up to 40% of all cancers are caused this way, maybe even 90%, but the Western medical establishment BRUTALLY SUPPRESSSES this truth.

Why a Vaccine for Covid-19 Coronavirus is Unlikely

Why a Vaccine for Covid-19 is unlikely

There are right now possibly four major strains of Covid-19 coronavirus (Strain S and Strain L have been confirmed by China). There were 118 mutated minor strains as of 7 March in just the USA alone.

The idea that a vaccine will be ready is laughable because the HIV vaccine (also an RNA virus) has taken 30+ years. See “Why is there no HIV vaccine yet?

RNA viruses are usually immune to generalized vaccines because they mutate so fluidly. Covid-19 is unique in this regard, because while it mutates readily, it seems to be much more stable than other novel RNA viruses (such as Ebola, Dengue Fever, etc.).

Google “personal peptide vaccine” for the alternative, but because it requires 1) access to a genetic sequencer for your own DNA and 2) a biolab with enough spare freetime to generate the vaccine for you.

Still, there is supposedly an open sourced personal peptide vaccine for Covid-19 that was posted (leaked??) to GitHub on 31 January 2020.

Oh, and the Common Cold is also a coronavirus. Scientists have been trying to develop a vaccine for it for over a hundred years. Hopefully, with the entire bioscience industry focused on covid-19, they will have much better luck. See “Why There Will Never Be A Cure For The Common Cold“.

But I am personally not counting on it. The only thing that will cause this pandemic to die down are Draconian measures that enforce strict 40 day quarantines that reset on the first sign of symptoms.

The Bats @ Bracken, TX, near San Antonio, May Doom Us All

20 million bats on radar above San Antonio, TX
20 million bats on radar above San Antonio, TX

Did you know that the largest bat colony in the entire world is about 20 miles northeast of where some of the infected Covid-19 coronavirus people were taken (Lackland AFB).

It is a colony of 15 million fruit bats. The same kind of bat that is used around the world in biomedical research and bioweapon development. This is because they are superspreaders and natural reservors of many (all?) RNA viruses, especially Ebola, Dengue Fever, the Marlaria parasite and may have even been the *primary carriers* of Yersinia Pestist (Black Death).

But these fruit bats of Bracken, Texas, are especially good carriers for SARS, MERS and Covid19, which was almost certainly engineered inside bats.

So why not take your 4 infected symptomatic people from the evacuation of the Diamond Princess, the only four who were visibly symptomatic at the time, and place them just 20 miles away from the largest population of natural Covid-19 reservoirs on Earth?

Oh right. We’re supposed to keep on believing our leaders are stupid.

Be wary of malice disguised as repetitious incompetence .

-Smith’s Razor

Every night 5-15 million bats fly out all over San Antonio. If just one of those bats gets infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, it’s with us forever. And just like our ancestors 600 years ago, if just one single bat lands on an SARS-CoV-2-infested table or eats a mosquito that has tasted infected blood, we will be stuck with recurring flair ups of this deadly pathogen for the next 500 to 1,000 years.

Ask yourself. Why Lackland Air Force Base? Were there *really* no better places? Like the unpopulated Marianas Islands?

Then ask yourself, with all of our leaders making such incredibly stupid mistakes, time and time again, with regards to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus:

Are they just incompetent? Or is there malice?

I now encourage you to use to search “Agenda 21 Depopulation“.

Oh, and you definitely need to ditch Google and use DuckDuckGo for everything. Watch this: has launched!

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In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, this blog has been created as a beacon in the dark.

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Virtually every government agency in the world is lying to the worldwide media, its own citizens, and maybe even other governments!

Indeed, we live in interesting times, as the Chinese curse goes.

Stay tuned and calm. We’ll get through this together.


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