How We Know COVID-19 is an Engineered Coronavirus

The SARS-CoV-2 (previously known as nCov-2019) coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, is currently racing around the planet.

This SARS v2.0 Coronavirus is unlike any pathogen we as humans have ever experienced, certainly in the last 2,000+ years, but probably in our entire history as a species. Here is why:

Covid-19 Coronavirus is Different

1. Infected do not show symptoms for up to 30 days.

2. Young children do not get sick yet are still infectious.

3. Researchers around the world say several HIV-1 genes have been artificially inserted into it.

4. It has a remarkable adaptability to the human body, able to kill in different ways different age groups.

5. It is so adapted to humans, so soon, that it spreads very easily from person to person, better than the Common Cold.

6. Most new viruses only survive in the climate they were born in. SARS-CoV-2 is spreading in every climate humans inhabit.

7. Most pathogens die very quickly when outside humans (24 hours max). SARS-CoV-2 survives for 7+ days on surfaces, 2+ days in the air, and up to 30 days refrigerated.

Here’s a recent study of the survivability of SARS-CoV-2.

8. Most pathogens only infect the animal they evolved for. There are reports of COVID-19 infecting dogs, cats, bats, rats and even birds and snakes. The Chinese government has killed over 500 million animals.

9. The Chinese government says it is a bioweapon. They are just claiming that the U.S. released it. They are treating it like it is a bioweapon, not a normal virus.

10. Normal viruses are spread when the person has symptoms. 50% of coronavirus victims got it from asymptomatic people.

11. COVID-19 is rapidly infecting top leadership of several countries including Iran, Italy, Canada and possibly the United States.