How do Vaccines work? The basic science behind vaccines

“Why are toxic chemicals are toxic to the body if ingested but not toxic when used in a vaccine?”
Part 2: How do Vaccines work?
When your body detects a “foreign protein” (aka virus poop), it will create Warriors called Cytokines specifically tailored to fight them. Unfortunately, this takes time. Lots and lots of time. Many viruses hide before then, like Herpes will claw up into your BRAIN NEURONS and hide for years until it senses your immune system is weakened and then it comes out.
Your immune system has to produce tailored T-Cells to attack a specific virus. Once it “learns” how to do so, for reasons not clear to me (or maybe anyone?) it will gradually lose this ability, at various lengths. Some viruses, like Chickenpox, it’ll remember for the rest of your life. Others, like #SARSCoV1 it forgets about after 3-6 months.
Some viruses, particularly HIV and Coronavirus, infect the Immune System’s T-Cells themselves, and these your body never can develop immunity towards, not really. That’s why I’m dubious anyone has immunity to coronavirus after infection, and they might develop AIDS after 5-10 years, too.
It’d be like a criminal syndicate infiltrating the police throughout an entire country. Good luck, buddy.
The way vaccines work is by injecting a bunch of carefully crafted VIRUS POOP into your system. Some vaccines, particularly influenza shots, will COOK THE VIRUSES at 160 Degrees, killing the virus (but coronavirus survives that, somehow!!) and then they drop the poop and dead virus into your muscles.
Your immune system will detect these MANY MILLIONS of dead viruses and virus poop and it will build all the molecular factories needed to create tailored cytokine warriors to go out and defeat the enemy. Because the virus is dead and not replicating, normally you don’t experience anythign except mild cytokine storms (causing a red sore spot) at the area of injection.
Then, when you ARE infected with Influenza, your body goes A HA! I RECOGNIZE YOU! And *quickly* rearms the cytokines already existing in your body -and- quickly rebuilds the T-Cell factories (as it still remembers how) and yoru body kills the virus BEFORE it’s mutated millions of millions of times.
That’s the basic science behind vaccines.