To Every PHP Employer: In a Covid-19 world, can we *please* work from home?

Now that the pandemic is soon to be upon us all, is it too much to ask if we can all start working from home before we are exposed and infected? Novel viruses usually infect 90% of the population, and even though “officially” this is only 5x times more deadly to people under 55 years old (most of us) than the typical flu, I still do not wish to spend 2+ weeks knocked down and feeling terrible. Not to mention the outsized risk we would pose to our parents and grandparents.

So, can we be an example of how to operate in this new world? I bet a lot of you, like me, work best remotely.

How come short-term contract work is almost always remote and long-term W2 work virtually never is?

I have been trying off and on to get a full-time remote PHP job for years and years, with zero success. Perhaps as an industry, we can collectively push to make this change now, for our own future health, if nothing else.

P.S. Why is /r/PHP’s text post functionality completely broken?

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I started programming in PHP at age 14 when PHP 2.0/FI had been out for 3 months, March 1998. I am now skilled in PHP (particularly love Laravel), NodeJS, C++ and a little GoLang on the backend, a SQL master and I am well-versed in Angular and Vue.js and learning React on the frontend.

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My StackOverflow Developer Story

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